Single Wall Modular Kitchens


Often a "classic" kitchen design is the one which is called as kitchen triangle, which enables the cook to move around between sink, refrigerator and hob. However, an even more basic design than this triangle kitchen is Single Wall Modular Kitchen Interior Design.

In the single wall modular kitchen interior design, all the working zones of kitchen are arrange in such a manner which comes along on a single wall. Major kitchen work zones here we refer with Cooktop / Hob, Built-in-Oven, Built-in-Microwave, Built-in-Refrigerator, Built-in-Dishwasher and much more.

Typically, such kind a single wall modular kitchen interior design can be organized with at least 8 feet (in case of less all appliances/accessories can not be fit into the modular kitchen). The arrangement of appliances or work zones can be arranged anything like hob-sink-refrigerator or sink-hob-refrigerator and so on. Because the space is so less, the order of appliances or work zones does not really matter at all while arranging the appliances / accessories for Single Wall Modular Kitchen Interior Design.