Bypass FRP Lock Huawei Union (Y538)

How to Bypass FRP Lock Huawei Union (Y538) Easy Unlock? This article is the best solution to this question. because in this article we will show you how to Google unlock Huawei Union with easy and simple steps. FRP Lock is one of the most important features when it came to the Security of our Data. But sometimes it becomes a big problem while accessing the device. So we bring you this article to FRP bypass Y538 easily.bypass frp Huawei Union (Y538)

Required Tools For Google unlock Huawei Union

  • Proper WiFi Connection
  • Working SIM Card

Steps To Bypass FRP lock Y538

  1. Firstly, Press the Power Button and turn on your HUAWEI Union.
  2. You will get the Welcome Screen now, Choose your preferred language.
  3. Once the set up is done, then connect your HUAWEI Union to the Wifi Network.
  4. After that Turn Off your device and Insert the SIM Card in the SIM Card Slot.
  5. Now Turn on your Device to FRP bypass Y538.
  6. From the “Select Language” Screen, Tap on “Emergency Call“.
  7. On the new screen, type *#*#6130#*#*.
  8. After that Tap on “Phone information“.
  9. Then Select SIM1.
  10. Now go to “Show More Button” (three dots from the top-right corner), and then select “View SIM Address Book“.
  11. Go back but tapping the “Back Arrow icon“.
  12. After that select “Add Contact Button” and then select “Phone“.
  13. Enter Name and Email and Tap “Save“.
  14. You will now see the saved contact. Tap on the Email icon from there. And Select “Gmail“.
  15. Now Skip the Creator. And then Tap on “Add an Email Address“.
  16. After that, Choose “Microsoft Account“. Then write something in the Email field. Select the text and tap on “Assist“.
  17. Once done, follow the steps mentioned below.

Video Tutorial

Download Tool for FRP bypass Y538

  1. You will now get the Google Screen. Tap “No Thanks“.
  2. Now search for “Chrome” with the help of Search Bar.
  3. Select “In Apps” and then select “Chrome Application“.
  4. Then tap on “Accept & Continue” and then tap on “No Thanks“.
  5. Now type “” in the address bar and press Enter. After that go to the Huawei Section and select When it asks you for an update just tap this button. And then Tap OK.
  6. Once the downloading process is finished, Open the Apk to Install the App.
  7. You will get a Popup, Tap on “Settings“. And then Enable “Unknown Sources“.
  8. Now go back to Chrome and again Tap on ““. Replace the File by Tapping on the “Replace File“.
  9. Once downloaded, Open it, and then Tap on “Next“.
  10. After that Tap on “Install“. Once the installation process is done, tap on “Open” to Bypass FRP lock Y538.
  11. It will ask you to allow for Data Transfer, Tap on “Yes“.
  12. After that tap on “Enjoy“.
  13. With this, you will get access to the home screen without any Google Account Verification.

Completely Remove Old Google Account

  1. Firstly, Go to the Settings. The Go to About Phone.
  2. And then Active Developer Option by tapping “Build Number” 7 times.
  3. Go back and then go to “Developer Options“.
  4. Now enable the “OEM Unlock” option.
  5. Go Back and then go to Advanced Settings.
  6. Select “Backup & Reset” and then Select “Factory Data Reset“.
  7. Now Tap on “Erase Internal Storage” and then tap “Reset Phone” 2 times.
  8. Your device will restart now. And with this, you are all done.

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