Google FRP Bypass Samsung M20

This article is a solution for all FRP Lock Issues on your Samsung M20 Android device. Therefore if you are looking for the best Google FRP Bypass Method then follow the instructions given in this article. Samsung M20 Gmail Removal is not a heavy task now. You don’t need to seek help from Pros and Service Centres. You can do it on your own easily. So let’s get started.Google FRP Bypass Samsung M20

Steps For Google FRP Bypass

  1. Firstly, Connect your device to a WiFi Network.
  2. Now Go Back to the “START” screen.
  3. After that Long Tap with two fingers to get “Talkback Tutorial”. Keep tapped until you get it.
  4. After getting the Tutorial Screen, Draw “L” (Swipe Down to Right).
  5. You will now see “Global Context Menu“.
  6. Now Double Tap on the “Talkback Settings” option.
  7. After that swipe down with your two fingers.
  8. Double Tap on the “Talkback Tutorial“. And then double tap on the Blue “Turn Talkback Off” Button.
  9. Now the page of “Talkback Settings” will open.
  10. Swipe Down and double tap on the “Help & Feedback” Option.
  11. Select “Get Started with voice access“.
  12. Now you will see a Youtube Play Icon, Just Tap on it.
  13. You will now see more options. Tap on the “Clock” icon.
  14. After that, you will be redirected to the “Welcome to Chrome” Screen.
  15. Now Accept the Terms & Conditions by tapping on “Accept & Continue“.
  16. Tap on “Next” and then tap on “No Thanks“.
  17. After that Samsung M20 Gmail Removal will be more easy for you by just downloading FRP Bypass Tools.

Video Tutorial

Download FRP Bypass Tools For Google FRP Bypass

  • Firstly, Download “Apex Launcher 3.3.3” apk.
  • Then Open the apk app.
  • You will now get a popup from Chrome. Tap “Settings” option from there.
  • Now Enable “Allow From this Sources” Option.
  • Then Go Back by tapping Back Key. And Tap on the “Install” button.
  • Once the installation process is done, Open it by tapping “OPEN“.
  • Now Open Chrome Browser from “MENU“.
  • And Download “Google Account Manager 8.1“.
  • After downloading it, Open it.
  • And the Install it in your device.
  • Once done, Tap on “DONE“.
  • Now again go to Chrome and Download “Account Login apk”.
  • After completing the downloading and installation process, Open the “Account Login” app.
  • Now a screen will appear asking “Retype Password”.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots from the Top-Right Corner of your screen.
  • Now tap on “Browser Sign-in” option.
  • After that enter your Gmail Address and Tap on “Next“.
  • Once done, Restart your device. And you are all done. FRP Lock will not irritate you anymore.

So, this was the easiest method for Google FRP Bypass. Just follow the instructions carefully and Samsung M20 Gmail Removal will not be a tough task for you. Finally, Thanks for Visiting Keep Visiting.

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